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Are you living YOUR values, or someone else’s? Take the free ‘Value YOU’ Assessment and find out NOW! It’s a powerful tool to help you get what YOU want in life!

You have landed right where you need to be to breakthrough to your better life! You have found the perfect partner for your team to make it happen! Terri Hase is a dedicated personal development professional with your success on her mind, and the sense of humor to make it fun.

Life & Business Coaching

You are here. You want to be ‘there’, or at least ‘somewhere’ else. Close the gap! Live the life you love, the life that lights you up inside!

Impact Coaching Academy

We understand your passion to succeed, and are committed to making it happen, by providing you with a complete solution and customized learning path.

Courage2Coach Podcast

The voice of Impact Coaching Academy. Offering insights, tips, and strategies you can use everyday. By Coaches, for Coaches!

The Global Coach Coalition

Coaches are people-centric. New Coaches, veteran Coaches, part and full-time Coaches. All together under one roof. A community for YOU.

Make The Right Move.

Life. Goals. Career. If you’re facing a choice, looking to bring about change, or some profound forward momentum; having the right person in your corner will give you the support you need. This is an essential component to your success! Let’s talk!

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